Readers and Acolytes

Mission Description: 
The reading of the Holy Scripture is an important component of our worship service, and we are deeply grateful to those parishioners who bring to life the Word of God. Currently, there are nine adult lectors. In addition, five youth members participate in reading the Sunday lessons. Nine Lay Eucharistic Ministers are licensed in accordance with the National Church Canons, and Anne Testa and Br. Richard John Lorino are additionally licensed as Lay Worship Leaders in the Diocese of New York to lead public worship. Oblation Bearers, who present the gifts of bread and wine before the Eucharist, are designated before the Sunday service each week. Prayer requests can be made by any member of the congregation by writing in the loose-leaf book provided in the church vestibule, and these are included in the Prayers of the People read each week. These prayer requests are then incorporated into the Parish Intercessory Prayer List, which is updated monthly.

Another important facet of the liturgical celebration involves those persons who serve on the altar. At present, twenty young members of the congregation, age 10 and up, have been trained. They participate in the worship service as assigned on a schedule drawn up by the Director.


Mission Description:
Responsible for ensuring “good order” during Sunday services including the heat, light, etc., as well as establishing a welcoming environment for worshipers i.e. seating them, welcoming visitors, assisting them to use the facility etc. Ushers will also be responsible for weekly recording of the sermon. Seasonal responsibilities include taking the offering of the alms etc.

Altar Guilds

Mission Description:
The Altar Guild is a dedicated group of people who work lovingly behind the scenes weekly to maintain and prepare the altar, its vessels, linens, furnishings and the Holy spaces for our two sacred places of worship.

Flower Guilds

Mission Description:
Members of the St. John’s Flower Guild decorate St. John’s Church with flowers appropriate to each liturgical season. Every week, members volunteer their time and talent to prepare the church for the weekly services by purchasing, arranging and maintaining the flowers. Our goal is to make our church more beautiful and more welcoming.


Mission Description: 
The dedicated members of Saint John’s Choir provide beautiful music for all of the services at Saint John’s, including anthems and service music for liturgies throughout the year.


Mission Description:
Parishioners volunteer to set up, provide light refreshments / coffee and clean up after each opportunity to gather in fellowship after the Sunday morning services. Making people feel welcome and continuing the conversations (religious or other) from our prayer gatherings is vital for the life of our parish. Any person or persons, by oneself or in teams may take part in this vital aspect of community life.