Episcopal Worship

Reverent, enthusiastic and prayerful worship is one of the strengths of the Episcopal Church. We strive to discern and live by the message of Christ. Walking a middle way  between Roman Catholicism and more radical Protestant traditions, we are a sacramental  and worship-oriented community that promotes thoughtful reflection about how God is  calling us to live and act as baptized believers in Jesus Christ.

Our worship is centered on the Book of Common Prayer. The celebration of Holy Eucharist  (also called “the mass,” “the divine liturgy” and “Holy Communion Service” in this and other  Christian traditions) is our regular Saturday evening and Sunday morning worship service. We also occasionally pray as a community either Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer.

Holy Baptism is the sacramental means by which a person enters the Christian community, is freed from sin, incorporated into Jesus Christ and is “marked as Christ’s own forever.”

Holy Confirmation marks that moment when one (usually a person of high school age) takes ownership of his or her Baptismal Vows and makes a more mature commitment to the Lord.

The best way to learn about the Episcopal Church is to “come and see” as Jesus once said. Visitors are warmly invited to attend a liturgy at St. John’s or St. Paul’s to experience the unique combination of spirituality and community that the Episcopal Church offers. Contact us here for more information about the following:

Sacramental Life 
In addition to celebration of Holy Communion (otherwise known as “The Mass” or “Holy Liturgy,” we also celebrate the other sacramental rites of the Christian tradition.

Holy Baptism
Holy Baptism which joins a person into Jesus Christ, makes one a full member of the Church and makes that person “a new creation” is celebrated at specific times of the year.  If you are believe that God is calling you to commit your life to Christ, please contact us.

Holy Confirmation
For those who have been baptized and are ready to make a mature affirmation of their faith through the prayer and laying on of hands by the Bishop, the sacrament of Holy Confirmation is available whenever the Bishop visits our parish.

Annointing the Sick
For those who are sick, the Rite of Anointing of the Sick is available.  Also those who are sick or in any way unable to attend worship for any reason, please call the office and schedule a time for either our Rector or a Lay Eucharistic Minister by bring you Holy Communion at home / hospital.

Funeral Liturgy
The parish also marks those rites of passage.  For those who have been members and wish to have their funeral liturgy celebrated here or who wish to marry here, our parish is a welcoming center of peace and prayer.  Simply contact the parish office to begin to make arrangements.  For those who are not members of this parish but wish to lease the church for such services, arrangements may be made with the Rector.

Time for Prayer
On Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. between September – June, parishioners gather either in St. John’s Church or in the parish library and pray Evening Prayer according to the Book of Common Prayer (use of Psalms, Scripture Reading(s) and Intercessions for our needs and the needs of others.

Lenten Program
Each year, during the Season of Lent, a special Lenten Program is offered either before/after the Sunday Eucharist or during the week.  Also on Tuesdays in Lent, there is the opportunity to participate in the spiritual discipline known as the Stations of the Cross – and remember the path of Jesus on that final day of earthly life leading to our salvation.

Inter-faith Ministry
This parish has had a wonderful working ecumenical relationship with the neighboring churches in South Salem:  Stevens United Methodist Church and South Salem Presbyterian Church.  From time to time we worship together as one community marking major events.  We sometimes share mission outreach. The clergy among these churches minister as caring friends and brothers in Christ.

Children and adults are encouraged to participate as ushers, readers of the scripture lessons, acolytes and oblations bearers – there are many roles in our worship services that require many persons to serve.

Spiritual Growth: Christian Education and Formation

With the understanding that Spiritual Development is a lifelong learning process, St. John's Parish offers many opportunities for to grow in “knowledge and love of the Lord,” and those opportunities span all ages.

Church School (or Sunday School)
During the first portion of the Sunday Holy Eucharist, parish children from pre-school till middle school have the opportunity to participate in Church School (or Sunday School). The parish uses the “Lesson Plans that Work” program created by the National Church Office of Christian Education and Formation. The first Sunday of the Month parish children participate more fully in the Sunday Service as they take on all the liturgical roles of Readers, ushers, acolytes, leaders of prayer and oblation bearers.
For more information about Church School, contact Father Joe here.

Confirmation Classes
For those in High School who wish to make a more mature affirmation of their faith, Confirmation Classes are offered during those years when the parish will be visited by the Bishop.
For more information about Confirmation Classes, contact Father Joe here.

Bible Study
From September through June, Bible Study is offered each Tuesday evening.  Either particular books of the Bible are read and studied or themes running through the scriptures are explored. This has been a fun and social time as well – since food and fellowship are a part of these gatherings.
For more information about Bible Study, contact Father Joe here.

Christmas Pageant
For over twenty years, this parish has been blessed with a wonderful volunteer (and her staff of fellow ministers) who help to create a Christmas pageant with the parish children.  We have done so with large and small numbers of children. Such a time is heartwarming and uplifting.

For more information about the Christmas Pageant, contact Claudia Nerreau here.

Fellowship Opportunities

Coffee Hour
After the liturgy on a Sunday morning at St. Johns and likewise after the service on at least one Saturday evening per month at St. Paul’s, the community gathers for “coffee hour” – which is a time for sharing food and one another’s company.  Parish volunteers bring light snacks (or more – their choice) and we simply take time to extend the peace that happened “in the church upstairs” so that we can “be church” to each other downstairs.
For more information about St.Paul’s Saturday evening coffee hour, contact Eileen O'Halloran here.

Men’s Group
Every month or so (the timing as the gathering is not rigidly set), parish men will gather at the home of any one volunteer, just to spend some time, as men, talking about where we are in our spiritual (and professional) lives.  Refreshments are brought by volunteers, and the idea is simply to enjoy one another’s company, sometimes in prayer and sometimes in debate but always with a sense of building each other up.  All men are invited.
For more information about the Men’s Group, contact Stephen King here.

Women’s Group
Every month or so (the timing as the gathering is not rigidly set), parish women will gather at the home of any one volunteer, just to spend some time, as women, talking about where we are in our spiritual (and professional) lives.  Refreshments are brought by volunteers, and the idea is simply to enjoy one another’s company, sometimes in prayer and sometimes in debate but always with a sense of building each other up.  All women are invited.
For more information about the Women's Group, contact Susan Egginton here.

Serving our Commmunity

The Book of Common Prayer teaches us that the “church carries out its mission through the ministry of its members,” and St. John’s Parish is a community committed  to helping each other and those around us, locally and in the larger world.
Read more about our Mission and Outreach here.
For more information about Serving our Community, contact Jenny Cox here.

We are proud to sponsor the St. John’s Parish Food Pantry
Location: St. John’s Episcopal Church, 82 Spring Street, South Salem, NY.  
Distribution Hours 3-6PM on Mondays or by arrangement.
For more information, call our church office at (914)-763-8273
For more information about the food pantry, contact Jenny Cox here.

We provide meals to the sick and infirm or those who may be recovering from surgeries or illness.

One of our parish ministries for years has been providing food for families in need, the elderly, shut-ins, etc. There has been a tradition for many years to provide Easter Baskets of food at the holiday season for those who have less than we.
For more information about Easter Baskets, contact Eileen O'Halloran here.

The St. John’s In-reach/Outreach committee is focused on actions - both within our small town and in the wider world. We volunteer to serve the community and support and partner with local and global organizations dedicated to helping others, including:

Additionally, donations from events to Equine therapy, Fire house re-construction, Wounded Warriors

Come join us in our efforts! Through our outreach we try to live out Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing,
I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.”

Please come join us!

Fundraisers and Activities


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Sermons | Rev. Joseph Campo

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