Mission Giving

Mission Description:
One of the purposes of money collected by any church community is to provide for those in need. “As often as ye have done this to the least of my brothers, you did it to me.” Where we focus on groups or individuals in need, whether they are parishioners or outsiders, whether the need is on an ad hoc basis ( person facing financial difficulty) or is an institutional need (Carpenter’s Kids), we stand with those less fortunate than ourselves. The purpose of this ministry is to seek out those whom we might help as a parish. We do so as sisters and brothers of the Christ who gave himself for us.

In the past, this Ministry has supported local, regional and international Ministries and causes with need that range from general Ministries, Children at Risk, Hunger and Housing, Disaster Relief and Hospice, Seniors and Shut-ins. This Ministry will determine the plan and focus for support and recruit members of the Parish to help.