Meet Rev. Joseph J. Campo

Rev. Joseph J. Campo

As the rector of our parish, it is my privilege to welcome each person who blesses us by  arriving here. This is a community of spiritual seekers – some seeking a family of prayer and support, some who simply need to find their way through life’s journeys as a believer in  Jesus.

Spend a little time with us. Explore this website. Come and worship. Ask questions. Seek comfort. Give to those who have so much less than we. As Jesus declared, “Come and see.”

Our Episcopal tradition is a wonderfully open one. Everyone is welcome to join us in worship, to live as the Lord directs us and to make that pilgrimage from the font (at baptism) to the table (as we are nourished by the presence of Christ in the Holy  Eucharist).

We’re brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are often joy-filled, often struggling. We set high expectations for ourselves but, like most humans, often fall short and need the Lord’s forgiveness.

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“Blessed be God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
And blessed be His kingdom, now and forever. Amen”

This small prayer begins our Eucharist services at St. John’s and St. Paul’s each week, and it reveals something of who and what we are. We’re a community of persons who praise the Triune God and try to live so that, as we pray in the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

We welcome you to this journey.

 Rev. Joseph J. Campo

Our Vision

We are a family, united in Christ’s love, seeking to grow in both spiritual and material strength so that we can serve God by making a difference in our community, our nation and our world. We see:

  • a family of seekers, united by the redemptive power of Christ, growing together on our mutual journey of faith and understanding

  • one congregation flourishing in a spirit of fellowship; two sacred spaces resounding with the joy of worship and offering welcome to all

  • our active ministry of members, reaching out to make our community, our nation and our world better in ways large and small

Our Two Churches

How did one small country parish end up with not one but two beautiful churches, nearly five miles apart?
Perhaps the single most important explanation is lousy weather.

Winters in this part of the country, as anyone who lives here knows, can be challenging. Now imagine them in the mid-1800’s, before paved roads, snowplows and all-wheel drive. In bad years, winter travel became all but impossible, and getting to church involved serious risk. St. John’s Church had been up and running since 1855 (read the inspiring story of its construction here) and those living close by could manage the trek on foot or by horseback. But for the many parishioners who lived in Vista and parts of Connecticut, there was simply no way to get there safely.

Enter John Lewis. Born near Vista in 1793, he had returned there a wealthy man in 1840. The town fathers, moved by his generous donations to public education, renamed that part of South Salem as Lewisboro. By 1870, he and many of his family members had settled there. Out of consideration for them and other St. John’s parishioners, Lewis deeded the farmhouse in which he was born and 48 surrounding acres to the parish, provided they built a “chapel of convenience,” to be called St. Paul’s, on the site.

Though it took nearly thirty years to accumulate the funds, by 1900 St. Paul’s Chapel was completed and stands today as a beautiful companion to our original church. Miles of woodland trails wind through the 32 acres behind it, where sheltered grottos dedicated to the Blessed Mother and St. Francis provide havens for quiet contemplation.


The wardens and vestry members are elected by the congregation and work closely with the Rector in the administration of the parish on many different levels, including:

  • Assisting the Rector in promoting the spiritual welfare of the congregation

  • Aiding the Rector in setting and accomplishing goals for the parish

  • Acting as agent and legal representative in matters concerning property

  • Maintaining buildings, grounds and furnishings

  • Overseeing the finances of the parish

  • Maintaining records, annual reports, budgets

  • Recruiting, encouraging and guiding candidates for Holy Orders

  • Serving as a “Council of Advice” for the Rector when requested

  • Calling a Rector if there is a vacancy

We are extremely grateful to the following parishioners, who are currently serving in these all-important positions:

Wardens: Claudia Nerreau and Matt Shue

Vestry Members:  Amy Blumenfeld, Jenny Cox,  Kathy Donnery, Stephen King, John Ricketts, and Laurie Wiegand

Clerk of the Vestry:  Ann Klotz

Bylaws Amended Nov. 15, 2016

Church Staff

The Rev. Joseph J. Campo, Rector
(914) 763-8273

Julieann Giardina, Administrative Assistant
(914) 763-8273

Deborah Jones-Norberto, Director of Music
(914) 763-8273

Karen Brotherhood, Bookkeeper
(914) 763-8273

Doreen Bistany, Director
Early Learning Center
(914) 763-3671


“Our Hands with God’s Help: What is the Lord calling us to do?”

Currently, St. John’s Parish has 15 ministries organized into 8 categories that define the range and substance

All Missions and Ministries are open to new members (as members or leaders). If interested, please call the church office (914.763.8273)

Readers and Acolytes
Altar Guilds
Flower Guilds
Choir / Music Ministry

Buildings & Grounds
Maintenance / Upkeep of our 3 buildings / grounds

Mission Giving
Outreach – local, national, internal

Christian Education
Children’s Sunday School
Youth / Teen Christian Education
Adult Education & Formation

Fundraising / Events
Fellowship, Fundraising

Pledge Drive

Finance Committee
Management of Investments; Cash Flow planning and Endowment

Marketing plan/process; design and communication

Our Sponsors

 St. John’s Parish is grateful to sponsors which support various fundraising events.  If interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact the church office at (914) 763-8273 or email here.